Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Moving Stories #6

I am pathologically organized. I had insomnia for six weeks before we moved because at night I was moving into the new house in my head. By the time we arrived on moving day, I had figured out where to put everything. I was unpacked in less than nine days. My friend Judy says I should call the Guinness Book of World Records. Ron asked me, “Do you know how fast you were moving? You were a blur.” I do not function well in chaos. I expect this begs the question of why I married Ron, who is hard-wired for messiness. I guess I need variety. I was so organized that I labeled every room at the Villa with a post-it bearing the “name” of the room. (Guest Room, Master Bedroom, Family Room, Studio, etc.) Then I labeled all the boxes with the name of the room where they belonged. Enter Akili. To help Ron pack. With his Akili sense of humor, he threw us a few curve balls. That’s how we wound up with a box labeled “Office Food” (the movers had a stop-dead-duh moment over that one) that wound up under a stack of CD boxes in Ron’s studio. It took us nearly three weeks to realize that Ron’s special-order syringes for one of his medications (not insulin fortunately) were in that box. Oh well. He fell a few weeks behind with that med. He still has a few boxes in his Studio, but he’s almost ready to tackle his boxes in the garage.

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