Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Moving Stories #4

This was not the best point in my life for me to move to a new house since my short-term memory is disintegrating. I tried to put things in obvious places and to keep things together that used to be together. The flashlights and candles in the same cupboard. Batteries in the utility drawer. Measuring cups with the glasses. Husband in my bedroom with the bed (oops, did I say that out loud?). Even so, it’s been challenging to remember where I put things. The biggest mystery of the move is that I lost the keys to the Ranch. I kid you not. It’s not like we ever used them. We never locked that house. It defied locking. Even if the doors were locked, it was easy to pull a screen and climb in a window. We only had keys to the kitchen door anyway. I remember putting our Ranch kitchen door keys on a string, labeling them, and dropping them into a box. Idiocy, right? I should have put them in a more accessible and obvious place. I thought they were in a box labeled “Ron’s Kitchen Box,” that included Ron’s meds. It was one of those pack-last-open-first boxes. Even though we misplaced that box until midnight on moving day, we eventually found it and there were no keys in it. I finally paid to have the kitchen door at the Ranch re-keyed. I take this as symbolic. We found our key to the land at McNab and now the new owners will find their own key.


Liz Logan said...

oh God, that's a scary thought mixing moving with short term memory loss. You have my sympathy.

And the unpacking... ugh! Maybe you should take polaroid pictures of where you put things and put them on the outside, like celebrities do with their shoes.

Just remember what my pdoc said: if you can tell that your memory is going, its not Alzheimer's. (Said as he wrote me a prescription to see the neurologist.)


Amy Wachspress said...

Well Liz, I am such a Virgo (or perhaps obsessive compulsive) that I was unpacked in 9 days. Maybe that's why I can't find anything. Ron is still unpacking. Who says opposites don't attract? Hey, I hope the trip to the neurologist does not mean anything bad going on. Hope you're doing well.

Liz Logan said...

9 days! I am impressed!

Re my memory issues; we think its probably just stress--apparently the brain gets overloaded and "CRS." One of the meds I take lowers the seizure threshold, so we are going to do an EEG just in case, to see if I need to switch meds. But I have been doing better lately, so I'm suspecting its the stress.