Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lemonade and Cookies

So we invited the neighbors over for lemonade and cookies on Sunday afternoon. There are about a dozen houses on the circle where our new house is located. I left an invitation in every box. I made Crystal Light sugar-free lemonade. Ron thought that was a really bad idea. I pointed out that most of our neighbors are retired (probably on a diet) and would appreciate sugar-free lemonade. “Yeah,” he said, “but you’re serving it with cookies loaded with butter and sugar.” Oh well. Ron says I should have invited the neighbors for “Fresca and cookies” so they’d have some idea of what they were getting into. I imagine them down the road telling others “Ron and Amy are lovely people, but if they ever invite you over for lemonade, just say ‘no’.” As it turned out, the entire event was surprising. Our neighbors have not met each other! People who have lived on this little circle for over 20 years were introducing themselves to one another. Afterward, Ron and I could not get over this. What happens in the suburbs? People don’t communicate? They all thanked us profusely for bringing everyone together. Now I feel like I moved to the Twilight Zone.


USelaine said...

I have only ever gotten to know a select few of my neighbors, and even then, we tend to ignore each other. Boundary issues perhaps? It's extremely common in cities and suburbs. You've apparently been living in the woods a long, long time, where everybody has to know each other for emergency situations and mutual aid. Indoor growers tend to lie low. As for me, well, I'm extremely shy.

Liz Logan said...

welcome to the burbs. I hate it. but you are the wave of the future.