Friday, July 11, 2008

Moving Stories #5

On the day of our move, Ron spent the morning disassembling our pedestal bed and the evening reassembling it. He had help from our darling sons, but a significant challenge to the reassembly process was the fact that we couldn’t find all the internal bed boards. They looked like shelving so I combed the house and garage for shelving and sure enough found the boards (rather late in the evening I might add) leaning against a stack of loose shelves. We were highly motivated to put the bed back together as we were exhausted and wanted to go to sleep. When Ron was ready to screw in the headboard, he needed many hands to hold everything in place. The boys and I held up different sections. I found myself balancing a heavy bed piece, trying to hold it steady, while squished in a corner between a dresser, a book shelf, and a stack of boxes. Suddenly, my mischievous cat, Ella, turned up seeking affection. She gives little “love bites” when she wants to be petted. She started nipping my ankles! To make matters worse, I thought this was so funny that I could not stop laughing. I’m lucky I didn’t drop the whole bed on my foot. Or someone else’s foot. Ron was not amused. He doesn’t like that cat, but that’s another story. On that night, my cat-impaired husband was my hero as he and his trusty Makita drill finally managed to assemble the bed so I could go to sleep.

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