Thursday, July 3, 2008

Moving Stories #2

It was actually to Ron’s benefit that he misplaced his underwear because had he put any in the washing machine during our first couple of days at the Villa, they probably would have shrunk. Here’s why. I would not be parted from my Fisher Paykel washing machine so I brought it with me. The other appliances were all hooked up when we got here. Ron had to connect the washer. Not too complicated. Plug it in, connect the water lines. Somehow he swapped the hot and cold lines. It took me a few loads of laundry to realize that hot was cold and cold was hot. Ron swapped them back. So far this house has not supported the concept of laundry. This week the dryer stopped working. Sudi and Ron betook (is that a word?) themselves to the laundry room (hooray, we have one now) and bumbled around for a couple of minutes. Then I heard the dryer start. “Yay,” I called from the kitchen, “I married a genius.” Sudi called back, “Not. I figured that one out, not Dad.” Sudi discovered the knob was cracked. He took it off and turned the stem underneath with a hammer claw. New knob on order. I have to say that I am just not used to living here yet. I feel like I'm renting someone else's beach house and I keep wondering what all my stuff is doing here. Luckily I have not yet stumbled into the laundry room while looking for the bathroom in the middle of the night.

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