Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Moving Stories #1

We have been in our new house two weeks and I think it’s about time for me to get back in the saddle. So begins the moving stories series. Let me tell you about the day of the move, on which my organizationally impaired husband finally packed his bedroom. Thank goodness for the assistance of our sons. The night before the move, Akili spent hours going through shopping bags of cassette tapes, sorting, putting tapes in cases, and weeding out tapes that were completely shot. Meanwhile, Sudi removed CD shelving and boxed up videotapes in Ron’s office. On the day of the move, both sons helped Ron throw things in boxes, ripping items off the shelves in his closet and emptying the drawers in his dresser. Foot bath, photo equipment, art work, skis, hot air balloon, canoe, digital fishing pole. Ron found two boxes at the back of that closet that he had brought from Berkeley 17 years ago and had never opened (taped shut). He threw them on the truck. If you haven’t used it in 17 years, do you really need it? He was emptying dresser drawers into boxes when the movers demanded the dresser. At the new house, his old dresser came off the truck and went into the garage because I gave Ron my dresser and took the spare one from the back closet for myself. The morning after the move, one of the kids asked Dad, jokingly, if he could find his underwear. He was not joking when he replied that he couldn’t. And the washing machine was not hooked up yet. It took him 48 hours to remember that he had not finished clearing out the dresser before it went on the truck. In the garage he found his underwear in the abandoned dresser.

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USelaine said...

Yikes! I hope his satin smoking jacket was enough to keep him modest in the mean time. I imagine with that sprawling villa compound, the garage was quite a hike away.

You made it, Amy! You're in!