Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mid Life Crisis

Some friends of ours separated recently after many years of marriage. It’s frightening when that happens. It reminds me that all is mutable and reality is a rug that can be pulled out from under me at any moment. The loss of their companionship as a couple and the loss of our future together, growing old as couples, weighs heavy. Even though no one died, it feels as if someone died. When I told Sudi about their separation, he asked why they separated. That’s complicated and many-faceted. Part of it is that the husband (in my opinion) is having a mid-life crisis and is interested in becoming involved with a younger woman. My son Sudi advised, “Mom, if Dad ever has a mid-life crisis, let him buy the motorcycle.”

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USelaine said...

I wonder which one of my crises was the mid-life one. I'm glad to say they never involved breaking up a marriage.

I think Sudi may have an ulterior motive for his suggestion...