Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Squidfest Countdown Day Five

We are on countdown for the 2008 Squidfest. Our trusty squidfisher Ed has left home base in Tacoma in the trusty squidmobile and is driving through rain and sleet and dark of night with the tender squidlets. Linda is in the Berkeley outpost, managing all those things that need managing; preparing the menu and lining up accommodations and transportation for Squidlings. Ruth and Arthur have their tickets so there’s no turning back. (I repeat, Artie, no turning back, the gauntlet is in motion.) Kevin has taken to bed, ostensibly with the flu, although I am more inclined to think he is suffering from hysterical excitement in anticipation of the weekend festivities. It’s always hard on Kevin because he is squid-impaired and can’t partake of cephalopod. Dave to the rescue with squid substitute. I am sharpening my machete to go out and harvest the wild cactus for my contribution: Cactus Mango Salad. Ron will be staying up nights plucking cactus thorns with his trusty pliers to make this delicacy possible. Scott is busy growing pears and gorgonzolas for his salad. He will be wrapping the gorgonzola trees in felt this week to keep the snow off them. Sara and Jim have their hands full preparing the venue. We are all nervous about the new venue this year. But Sara has professional venue preparedness training, so stand back. And of course we can rely on Jim for the sound effects. I’m sure if they work at it, he and Ron can get the front door chime to make squid squish noises. Together they can program sound into anything. They could make a pineapple broadcast the Lincoln Center Jazz Festival performing the Far East Suite. It makes me salivate just thinking about it all. Five days and counting. Meet me on the blog tomorrow for Day Four.

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