Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ron's New Sneakers

The day finally arrived at our house. My poor long-suffering husband finally got his foot out of the walking boot. Yay! He has had foot trouble since August and has been on crutches or in a walking boot for five months. So you see this is cause for big celebration. It’s bubbly foot powder and sole food at our house tonight.

Ron came home from work today in a spanking new pair of bright white sneakers. It’s great to see him in two shoes again. I stared at the shoes in wonder before asking, “Is it my imagination or are those sneakers large?” Ron’s usual shoe size is about 12 or 13 depending on the style. But these babies he had on his feet looked BIG. Turns out they’re size 14. His feet are still swollen, so he went up a size. He told me I can boast to my women friends that my husband wears a size 14 shoe. (Wink, wink.)

I’m not so sure I want to bring attention to my husband’s shoe size. A 14 shoe is a bit over the top. Sort of like wearing a lampshade for a hat, don’t you think? It’s OK, I’m just glad he’s ambulatory again. I’m grateful for small favors.

Hey, while I have your attention, I just want to mention that I did an interview about my book on a blogtalk book review website called Reader Views to celebrate the first anniversary of the book’s publication. You can tune in to the interview by clicking on this link:

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