Monday, January 7, 2008

Balloon Missile

It turns out that the underground bunker that my brother Bill went to on New Year’s Eve was a former missile silo. People actually live in this thing. He sent me a photo of his contribution to the event, which was a missile made out of balloons. To understand the significance of this, you have to know that Bill is the Balloonman of Lawrence, Kansas. He makes things out of balloons. Not ordinary things, not everyday things, but everything under the sun. Centerpieces for the tables at weddings. String instruments. Hats and jackets. Barbecue grills, tablecloths, staplers, table saws, soup. I even saw him bake muffins in a balloon cooker one time. Any object in the known world, my brother can make a replica out of balloons. So for the party in the missile silo, he made a missile out of balloons and he took a trick picture of it with a little person next to it so that it looked like a full-scale balloon missile. He sent me the picture and I wanted to show it to you, but I couldn’t get it to upload onto the blog. Anyway I, his dupe of a gullible sister, actually believed for a hot minute that he had made a huge missile out of balloons, until it occurred to me that they just don’t make balloons in that size.

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