Friday, February 1, 2008

Squidfest Countdown Day One

This is my final blog entry before the Day of Squidfest. The Squidmaster Ed has arrived at Squid base camp. Squids’ Maid Ruth is flying in from points North today. The rain has brought out the worms in abundance and I have my little stash set aside for Artie. In a can with Artie’s name on it. A can with Artie’s name on it and not too much slime around the edges. Ron and I have gathered our Squidfest materials and laid them out on the dining room table. His snowshoes. My false eyelashes. The feathers, bailing buckets, spark plugs, life jackets, safety pins, flippers, cactus, whiskey, etc. We couldn’t find our squid pins or fishy tubby toys. A great disappointment. We’ll keep looking. We might suggest bobbing for apples this year as a new event. At least for the initiates. Or possibly a rousing game of whoops and catch. We’ll bring kitty litter, Vaseline, and ping-pong balls just in case. Let the games begin.

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