Sunday, February 3, 2008

Why Is Life Worth Living?

The fun is back in football, folks.

Without putting too much negative energy out there into the universe, I gotta say it was sweet to watch that plate taken away from the lips of those big bad Pats at the final moment. My kid brother Dan has been a Giants fan all his life and after tonight’s game he turned to his young son Jacob and said, “If you ever wonder why life is worth living, you think back to tonight’s game.” That says it all.

I have watched those Manning brothers with admiration and delight for years. Eli’s determination to win in that game tonight was a sight to behold. He and his whole team. What a remarkable defensive effort on the part of those Giants, huh? When those Manning brothers get married and have children, you better believe that every football team in the country is going to be trying to sign their boys when those third generation Manning boys are in diapers. Well, those of you who love football saw the game and those of you who don’t do football, well you have no idea what I’m going on about so I’ll shut up already.

The game was the final shining moment in a lovely perfect weekend. Squidfest last night was spectacular. A delicious dinner with good friends served slow and special. Friends I have known for years and years, who have known me through thick and thin. The Squidmistress Linda was at the birth of all my children. The venue was the new home of friend Jim whom we have known for nigh on 30 years. His new home that he moved into a few months ago with his fiancé, after finally finding the love of his life when over 50 years old.

Life, like football, is a game of inches. You never know what’s around the corner. What might tip the scales one way or another. What might let you win against all odds. I have to say that I realize that I live in paradise. And I am truly grateful. My greatest hope is that everyone in the world will have the opportunity to live in paradise too. Even the Pats? Why not? I can afford to be generous. I wish them life in paradise too. Just without that Superbowl ring.

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