Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Election Bliss

Pinch me. Is it real or am I dreaming? I had to choose my candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination between a brilliant, ambitious, outspoken woman and a brilliant, ambitious, outspoken multicultural, part African American man who was raised in a third world country. I had to choose between two very intelligent human beings. Both with integrity. Both saying real things about real concerns. Is this still America?
The second time Reagan was elected I researched the possibility of emigrating to New Zealand. But my family and friends are in this country. And I’m not too crazy about sheep. So I stayed. But I moved to a remote 40 acres in rural California to hide out. The first time W. stole the election, I started listening to NPR every morning. Molly Ivens and Michael Moore helped me survive. The second time W. stole the election I stopped listening to NPR every morning. It was more than I could stand to hear anything about what was going on. I went on a media diet. After all, who was I? Just an uncounted vote.
I used to be a political activist. I was even arrested for blockading a nuclear weapons facility. But in recent years I have lost hope. Yesterday I voted for Barack. He has the audacity to hope. I think I do too again. Although I would most dearly love to see Barack in the White House, I confess that I would not be too disappointed to see Hillary. Short of doing the job myself, well, these two candidates are the real deal. Is it my country again? Pinch me.


Elaine said...

I had the New Zealand thought with the W installments myself. I hear you.

Amy Wachspress said...

Sometimes don't politics make you so mad you could just spit?
Thanks for reading my blog. I think you and Ron are the only ones who check it regularly. I know you're a fan of his radio show. Can I share your fandom? Maybe you should just come live with us.

Elaine said...

I am already a fan of you both, thanks to this blog. 8^) For what it's worth, I'll bet you have more folks reading yours than do mine.

Hummm. The move-in thing? Good music, good conversation, fine food, shared concern for the world, football *bonk!*. Ixnay on the football. Can't handle the football. But we came really close, didn't we? I have to say, that's the best offer I've had in years.