Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Only the Faithful

Only the faithful readers of my blog will reap the rewards of hanging in there with me while I move to my new house. Keep checking back. I will be blogging when I can squeeze in a few moments to write amid the mayhem. Right now my brain is full of measurements, electrical specifications, lawn maintenance instructions, irrigation system timer programming technicalities, address change notices, smurfs, stove specifications, and phone numbers for roofer, gutter repairperson, carpenter, plumber, landscaper, appliance installer, and on and on. (Sheesh, how did the smurfs get in there?) I feel like the housekeeper for Versailles, giving orders and arranging work for all these people. I always thought I needed a staff of five or six people to run my life and household. Secretary, gardener, housekeeper, bookkeeper, nanny. But I am honestly burning out on making these "arrangements" and answering questions. It gives me a new perspective on having a "staff." The problem with having a staff is that you have to keep them on the right track, which apparently requires constant attention. I'll keep my sights set on the housewarming party, to occur when it's all done. (Someone please get that smurf out of my head.)

1 comment:

USelaine said...

Would it help to visualize whirled peas? No, probably not. And whatever you do, DO NOT imagine all these specialists, vendors, deliverers, and contractors naked. NOT NAKED!!!

You know what they say. It's good to be queen.