Saturday, May 10, 2008

Appliance Rodeo

When our house was inspected for the buyers, the inspector discovered that our hot water heater had a dangerous gas leak that could not be repaired. Rather than blow ourselves up, we had the hot water heater replaced. The same week, the inspector at the house we’re buying informed us that the hot water heater is shot and needs to be replaced. So we are going to buy another hot water heater (we should have bought stock in Roto-Rooter). Ron is overjoyed about this development because he wants an excuse to buy an on-demand tankless hot water heater. I know nothing about these beasts. I asked Ron how many gallons the tank can hold and he peered at me over his glasses and said, “Amy, it’s a tankless hot water heater.”

The stove in the new house is a built-in electric located below windows. I can’t cook on an electric. I have to cook over fire. Turns out that there is no way to vent a gas stove in that spot because of the windows. So we have to buy a special stove with a downdraft vent. This type of stove costs twice what I had budgeted for a new stove. Oh well, I thought, we’ll be OK since the sellers of our new house offered to leave their refrigerator for us. Not. We did not specify in the contract that we wanted it because I had planned to buy a new fridge. At the last minute their son decided he wants it. But wait, my refrigerator money is going into the downdraft stove.

Our buyer wants our dryer. So we also have to buy a new dryer.

Looks like all new appliances. But my washer goes with me. You don’t separate a woman from her Fisher Paykel washer.

At this point, I’m considering giving up home-ownership altogether and simply renting a cottage on Maui. Aloha. Have a great Mother’s Day.

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USelaine said...

I have always wondered why stoves were never under windows. But doesn't the window serve as a vent? Not in winter - I get it. Sounds like you might, uh, need to negotiate a little harder if you're buying both "coming and going", but you didn't need to hear me say that. New appliances are good, and I hear the tankless water is very earth friendly. It'll be great, you'll see.

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