Friday, May 16, 2008

Finally Same-Sex Marriages

Yay, yay, double triple yay. Yesterday the California State Legislature ruled it unconstitutional for same-sex couples to be denied the right to marry. I’m hearing Sam Cooke in my head, “long time comin’ but change gonna come.” Joyous congratulations to all those near and dear to me (and anyone else desiring congrats) who have waited and hoped that they would be allowed to marry in their lifetime. I’ll be celebrating tonight with my friends Eris and Leslie, married in an un-legal ceremony a long time ago, now able to make it legal. We’ll be wining and dining them and getting a huge vicarious hit of their happiness at this turn of events.

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Liz Logan said...

I KNOW! Its so exciting. My cousins in Portland were thrilled when they got to "do it legal."

To Eris and Leslie!