Monday, April 14, 2008

Living in Escrow Land

We've crossed over to the wild side. We opened escrow on the sale of our house on Wed. and we opened escrow on the purchase of a house on Sat. So now we spend the next two months on the edge of our seats as we find out if everything will go through as expected without any deal-breakers to throw us into a tailspin. We have a dumpster in our yard that is large enough to house a family or three in a developing country. And we have already filled it to the brim with the detritus of 17 years raising 3 children in a country home. It has been slow going since Ron and I keep stopping to read letters, journal entries, notes, and messages from our distant past. At dinner last night, Sudi said he cleaned out under his bed and he told us he stopped every few minutes to remember things about objects he found (many of which are now in the dumpster). "And I don't have stuff from 30 years ago," he added. He got that right. On the one hand, I am relieved to have thrown out all my early poetry and love letters so no one can read it. On the other, I want to dig through the dumpster and pull that stuff out and spend the next week rereading it. As for all the accumulated junk, well, it's just junk. I'm not throwing out the good times or the people I've enjoyed in my life by throwing out the souvenirs.

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USelaine said...

I have to say, I'm glad my grandparents didn't throw out their courtship correspondence. Of course, in the 1920s it was pretty tame, but still very sweet. Are you really so sure your grandkids shouldn't see it someday?

Okay, okay. Probably too late to point that out.

Blessings on the big adventure.