Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cabo Notes 4

As we were leaving Cabo, I felt a little guilty for not taking advantage of any of the activities advertised for visitors to Baja. I didn’t go whale watching or parasailing or jet skiing. I didn’t swim with the dolphins or do a sunset cruise. I lounged around at the pool or on the beach. I enjoyed our luxurious room, which was a big splurge and rare treat. (This trip was our way of celebrating the 30th anniversary of when we met.) I finally stopped feeling guilty about not doing any activities when Ron mentioned to me in the airport that he had just overheard two women in wheelchairs comparing notes about how they broke their legs parasailing. My guess is they were drinking margaritas up there and landed wrong. There were certainly a lot of drunken guests at the hotel. One evening, as I was waiting to book the rental car, I sat in the lobby and watched one snockered person after another stumble past. One young woman half-carried her girlfriend through the lobby while the girlfriend flapped her arms and yelled “wheeee.” It was a big party scene. The hotel staff was almost entirely young people who receive room and board with the job and spend their evenings partying in the hotel. Probably 80% of the staff was under the age of 35. Many of the guests are also young folks, off for a good party time. At dinner one evening, we saw several beautiful young American women in very short black evening dresses. The young Mexican men on the kitchen staff stood behind one of the food counters with their tongues down to their knees while they ogled these gals. Ron laughed his head off. He finally went up to the young men on staff who had stopped dead in their tracks, transfixed by these women in the short skirts, and Ron shouted at them, “Hey, FOCUS guys! Can I get a ladle here?” Most or all of them understood English and could tell he was razzing them for getting completely distracted by the women. He got a good laugh out of them.


Amy Wachspress said...

Elaine: Please do keep leaving comments posted on my blog. I love to get them and see that someone is reading.

USelaine said...

These stories are great Amy. 8^)