Friday, April 4, 2008

House Hunt Blues

Last night we expected a counter-offer on our house from our buyers. It never appeared. We also expected to hear details about another offer that could materialize. Didn't happen. There is a brand new big house on the market that we can afford that I saw right before we went to Cabo and I've been thinking a lot about it. I went for a drive-by (OK, I got out of the car, so it wasn't a total drive-by) and discovered that the property is covered in poison oak now that it's spring. Not to worry, a very quaint and lovely house in a converted church turned up on the market and I went to take a peek of the outside yesterday afternoon and fell in love. I drove straight to Cindy-the-Realtor's office to make a date to go inside for a look, only to be informed that the seller mysteriously pulled the house off the market the day before. I was having a bad house day.

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USelaine said...

Willits will still be here when you're ready. ;)