Friday, March 14, 2008


I woke up this morning with a twitch in my cheek. Too much stress. We put in an offer on a house yesterday and I spent the night lying awake moving walls around in my head. Thinking how to remodel, what to change, how to do it with the limited money available. A wonderful family came to see our house on Saturday. They had two adorable boys, age two and six. The six-year-old, Lucas is a precocious, inquisitive, delightful child and Ron and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with him while his parents explored our house and property. The next day, his mother emailed to thank us for the lovely visit and to let us know they plan to make an offer on our house. She said that Lucas was surprised and disappointed to learn that Ron and I don’t come with the house. I replied to her email and said, “Unfortunately for you, we DO come with the house!” We are hoping that when we return from our upcoming vacation in Cabo San Lucas (5 days 4 nights starting March 23, Yippee) we will quickly go into escrow on two homes. Meanwhile, I can’t stop thinking of remodel plans for the house we might buy if all goes well. More to come about that in future blogs. The twitch has gone away this afternoon; but I do hope I’m not going to turn into a quivering basket case during this transition. The question is, can we get through it all without the French-talking pineapple this time around?

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