Friday, March 28, 2008

Cabo Notes 1

We returned from Cabo late last night and have spent the day decompressing, unpacking, and contemplating the nature of reality. I thought I would have internet access in Cabo and planned to post to my blog every day. Not. We bought 15 minutes of internet at a Sports Bar one night to check email. Otherwise, we had no internet (no cell phones either). So I'll be filling you in on Cabo piecemeal for the next few days/posts.
When we arrived at the airport in San Juan del Cabo, we were accosted by swarms of salesmen trying to get us to make a down payment on a timeshare. Ron called them the "sharks." They tried to entice us with their "free activities." The free activities are when they trap you in their car and drive you all over Baja showing you timeshares, but they call it a "free tour." After shaking off several sharks in our effort to get to the exit door, we were finally cornered by one who demanded, "let me pick you up at your hotel tomorrow morning, free tour, free breakfast, free activities..." "NO ACTIVITIES!" I told him, "we don't want activities." "No activities?" he asked with mock incredulity. Or perhaps we didn't fit the mold of American tourists eager to jump at anything free. "You don't want to do any activities in Cabo?" the shark asked. Ron answered, "We don't want any activities. In fact, we might not even leave our hotel room." Here's a link that should take you to our view from that room:

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