Sunday, October 19, 2014

Things a Woman Should Have by 60

Last week one of my 20-something Facebook friends posted a link to a blog entitled 25 Things a Woman Should Have by 25. It was a pretty good list, albeit heavy on the fashion element. It got me thinking, and I decided to write my list of things a woman should have by 60. I couldn’t keep it to 25. I guess by 60, I expect a lot out of life. Below is my list, in no particular order. I keep thinking of more things to add, but I’ve called it quits for now. What would you add?

1) A healthy relationship with high-quality dark chocolate.
2) Retirement savings and no credit card debt.
3) An excellent skincare routine and a brilliant dermatologist.
4) A flattering bathing suit.
5) An exercise regimen that is fun and something to look forward to.
6) A stack of books by the bed.
7) A reliable car plus membership in an automobile association that will send help for any emergency road situation, at any time night or day, within 30 minutes.
8) Abundant proof of competence at your chosen profession.
9) A toolkit with basic tools hidden away where no guy can find it to co-opt tools at his whim, ruin them, or lose them.
10) More than one close woman friend who has been through hell and back with you.
11) Peace with the parents (dead or living).
12) Frequent opportunities to dance.
13) Children of your own who communicate with you regularly, or someone else’s children who think you’re rather special.
14) Grandchildren, the prospect of grandchildren, a dog, a cat, and/or a Betta fish (depending on your level of tolerance for noise).
15) An herb garden and a place to grow tomatoes and basil in the summer.
16) Warm boots.
17) A sympathetic hair stylist.
18) A Thanksgiving tradition.
19) An honest car mechanic.
20) A favorite beach.
21) Good scented soap.
22) A book group.
23) The ability to enjoy time alone.
24) An emergency first aid kit in your handbag.
25) Enough favorite, easy recipes to last at least a week without repetition.
26) The ability to speak more than one language.
27) A creative accountant.
28) Ongoing real appreciation for the work you do.
29) An apple a day.
30) A toolkit for stress management that includes both physical activities and herbal supplements (Ashwagandha, ladies).
31) A nearby place to go for a walk among trees.
32) A Rain Shower showerhead.
33) Fancy underwear.
34) Fuzzy house socks in an assortment of colors.
35) A home that you love.
36) A funny movie that you watch at least once a year and never tire of.
37) Soft Egyptian cotton sheets and a down comforter.
38) A cast iron skillet.
39) Reading glasses in every room of the house.
40) A favorite getaway location.
41) A magic masseuse.
42) A beautiful big basket to take to the Farmer’s Market.
43) A loving partner or the memory of a truly loving relationship once had.
44) A fun hobby you’re totally good at.
45) Photo albums that make you laugh and cry.
46) The ability to say “no” without feeling guilty.
47) An ever-changing current favorite song to sing along to at the top of your lungs while driving alone in your car.
48) Fresh flowers on the kitchen table every week.
49) Gratitude for the joys experienced so far, reconciliation with the losses, and the conviction that more wonders are yet to come.
50) A future to look forward to, the ability to be present in the moment, and an avalanche of wonderful memories to savor.

One of the most beautiful moments in my life so far – dancing with my son at his wedding. He chose the song. A perfect moment for a 60-year-old mom. I hope this link works for you to see us dancing.  Mom's Dance with the Groom

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