Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Day at the Ocean (Or Writing Myself into Obsolescence)

Today is our 28th wedding anniversary. Ron got a friend of his from work to loan him their studio apartment in Fort Bragg for a night. Here we are. There’s nothing like a day at the ocean, with no internet connectivity or microwave, to put life into perspective. And, ironically, I’m blogging about it, eh? Looking out at the Pacific, I remember when my life was simpler and I miss that simplicity. I want to get back to the basics, to the values with which I started out in life and the goals I set way back in the day, because they (mostly) still apply. I am always complaining about not having enough money, but lately I believe that if having money was my highest priority then I would have it by now. I received other things; things that were always more important to me.

I suddenly have this wave (get it, “wave”?) of revulsion at the thought of owning a home, which I have done since 1984. But I am starting to wonder what the point of home ownership is, in fact. So your landlord can’t make you move at the drop of a hat? That would be an inconvenience, not a catastrophe. To plant things in the yard? There will always be places to plant things. The purpose of having a house, to maintain, to insure, to pay taxes on, to clean, at this juncture in my life, is mainly as collateral to generate the funds to put my children through college. And after that is accomplished, why not sell the damn behemoth and rent a cottage by the ocean? That’s the ticket. Let someone else worry about the plumbing and the painting and the price of paying interest on a loan. Blech!

And I suddenly have a wave (that pun is probably getting old by now in this blog, puns have as short cyber shelf life) of regret for all the hours wasted doodling around on line, on Facebook, on Netflix, on Amazon, on Google looking up information that I actually could have lived and died without knowing. I would get a lot more written if I wasn’t so busy reading so much mundane blah blah blah (like the stuff I write on Facebook about the weather and the most recent scrap of fluff that has floated through my brain). Like this blog, I guess. I’m going on an internet diet. Less time reading useless passing infobites. Have I written myself into obsolescence?


gary said...

our webmaster insists on us blogging for the store,but no time.Lilly is going to attend one of her best friend's mom's wedding in Elk in a week,which takes me back to the ranch.(remember the ranch?:)Our friend Sam there gave us a weekend at the inn in Elk 25 years ago, and have pictures of 2 year old Lilly on beach and at cottage.What a great weekend.
She was born in FB and i labored at a cheezy hotel there,before going to hospital(we were warned about Ukiah hospital) hopefully your accommodations better in FB.
And congrats on anniversary,Gary and i 35 on July 26.Howdy to Ron,sue

Amy at Woza Books said...

What a kick, didn't know Lilly was born in Fort Bragg. I hope you guys come back for a visit one of these days. We see Renee Granados pretty often since Yael is living at home after getting laid off work in April. (She is looking for a new job, new adventure.) Ranch girls...