Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Creative Children

Although I am often dazzled by their creations, it is no surprise to me that my children are so creative. After all, I’m a writer and artist; and Ron is an artist, musician, filmmaker, actor, well, Renaissance man really. So it makes perfect sense that we have these over-the-top imaginative children. They get it from nature and nurture. Imagination and humor are our family values right up there with do-unto-others. Proud Jewish Mom. Today I’m going to share. Here is Sudi’s McNab Ranch sculpture that was his final in his ceramics class last semester.

This is the photo Akili sent to us of him and his friends at the Louvre.

My lovely daughter is less about images and more about words these days, a constant stream of writing that is hilarious and often insightful on her blog, FB, Twitter, and other websites she writes for. She keeps me laughing with such nonsense as this quote from her blog, “In a recent interview Heidi Montag told Extra that she wanted to make her boobs a size ‘H’ for Heidi. This was surprising to me, only because I wasn’t aware Heidi was up to the letter ‘H’ in the alphabet.” She finds the funniest photos on the web and posts them on her FB page. One of her latest was football player Terrell Owens walking the runway, well why try to describe it, here’s the nutty picture. (We all know he’s crazy, but this photo is a crack-up!)

Keep me laughing, keep my jaw dropped in amazement, children.

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