Sunday, May 10, 2009

Remembering Moms

Today my dear husband made me breakfast for Mother’s Day. Fried eggs and grits, strawberries and melon. A strong cup of coffee. He made turkey bacon for himself (I don’t eat meat). The kitchen smelled like bacon and coffee, which brought it all back to me. When I was a little girl, my mother kept a kosher kitchen. But Grandma (mom’s mom), didn’t keep kosher and when we grandchildren visited, she made us bacon. The real stuff. Also, Mom and Dad didn’t drink coffee. But Grandma percolated coffee each morning for Grandpa, who appreciated a cuppa. The smell of bacon and coffee in the morning takes me back to Grandma’s kitchen in Perth Amboy, NJ. I went there this morning. Heavenly.

Here’s a Mother’s Day tale about my mom, Natalie, and Ron’s mom, Evelyn. They got along well and came to visit to us once together so they could see one another at the same time. We took them on a field trip to Point Reyes, which is the most westerly point of Cali on the Pacific Coast. Splendid bird watching out there (and whales when they migrate in February and March). Glorious coastal scenery; a splendid beach. Ron and I wanted to walk on the beach while our moms were not so inclined. They remained together on higher ground while we went for a sunset meander. As the story goes, the moms noticed an informational guide plaque and proceeded to read it as Ron and I strolled on the distant beach. The plaque talked about the ocean, tides, and waves. It warned that unexpectedly large waves often washed in and pulled unsuspecting visitors out with the strong undertow. For this reason, it strongly cautioned against walking at the water’s edge.

Upon reading the above information on the plaque, at the exact same moment, the moms looked out across the picturesque view to see us, their children, walking peacefully at the edge of the water. They let out a simultaneous gasp, then turned to each other in alarm. Upon realizing that they shared the identical thought of concern for our safety, they laughed and laughed. Needless to say, we were not washed out to sea. Natalie and Evelyn have washed away from us in the tide of time, but their loving care continues to surround us and our children. Happy Mother’s Day you two.

Point Reyes Beach, circa 1983.

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