Friday, June 6, 2008

Land of Boxes

I am surrounded by towers of boxes. My walls are blank. The definitive moving moment occurred last night when Ron asked me if we had any empty sprayer bottles and I had to admit that I had packed them. Until a week from Monday, when we begin unpacking, there will be no more waffle iron, access to the CD collection, spray starch, or baby pictures. Forgive me faithful readers if I disappear for a bit. I’m making one of the biggest transitions of my life and it is full of details. I walk my land here on this 40 acres and wonder at how much my fruit trees and grape vines have grown over the years, how abundant the clematis has become, how much the deck has deteriorated under years of footsteps, friends, music, and laughter. The new owners will be taking the deck out and replacing it first thing. I am still dazzled by the beauty of the early morning light or the evening gold in the forest that surrounds this house. I would have been dazzled by it forever if I stayed. Fortunately I have several enormous, really enormous, old live oak trees at my new home. I fell in love with the Ranch because of the trees and I knew the Villa would be the right move at this time because of the trees. One day I suppose I will buy a house for the house. Until then, I choose my homes for the trees. So many extraordinary trees, so little time. Meet me back here on the blog after June 16th. I’ll email you a reminder.

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USelaine said...

I'll be waiting on the other side.